Name: Shinonono Hōki 「篠ノ之箒」
Title Series:IS <Infinite Stratos>
Voiced by:Hikasa Yōko

Career ISML Performance
Currently in her first year of participation.

Moe Tournament Résumé

All out frontal attack is Hōki's way of doing things. It can't be helped that it is also the best shortcut to embarrassing blunders.

From a young age, Hōki was a decisive girl with clear ideas of her personal goals. But fate is always against her, ruining her plans and taking Hōki's supports away from her. Hōki refuses to bow down to the adversities of her life, but the burden of her struggle leaves its mark on her personality. She becomes uncompromising and irritable, refusing to acknowledge anyone standing in the path to her objectives.

Hōki eventually learns that no pain lasts eternally and realizes that the one she hurts the most with her cold behavior is herself. Understanding the true meaning of strength, Hōki readies herself to accept the warmth of others once more.

But if life has taught her anything, it is that things never go according to plan. For Hōki, this is the beginning of her fight with thickheaded childhood friends and elusive rabbit sisters. One thing is for sure – she will not give up.

Past Notable Matches