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Non-English Discussion

While ISML is officially run and managed in English, we give our best effort to make voting and other site features accessible to non-English visitors. Our resources are unfortunately limited, so we are very grateful to discover communities around the world that are independently helping to share ISML in additonal languages.


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International Saimoe League Staff

The following individuals have volunteered their time and skills to making ISML the best tournament it can be.
The League is thankful for all of their continued effort and dedication.

Technical Staff

Executive Staff
Executive Staff
Executive Staff
Honorary Staff
Honorary Staff
Honorary Staff
Honorary Staff
Honorary Staff
Honorary Staff
Honorary Staff
Honorary Staff

Translation Staff

Basaka, RizwanChinese

Creative Staff

CassiopeiaCharacter Graphics
CecaniahCharacter Graphics
CrisuSite Design and Programming
CytrusContestant Profiles
Hikari-chanCharacter Graphics
Ichigo-SoraPromotional Graphics
IthekroSpace Opera Narrative
KholdStare88Promotional Videos, Graphics Project Lead
MarinaraPromotional Graphics
melangeTournament Graphics
minhtam1638Original Concept

In Memoriam

Hosting System Administrator, Programmer, Technical Consultant, Honorary Staff
mokuhazushi ("Moku") was responsible for upgrading ISML's servers toward the end of the 2008 season, increasing our ability to meet rising traffic demands and enhance everybody's browsing experience. He donated the funds needed to maintain the site for an entire year and provided excellent programming to keep our voting polls open, on time, and running smoothly. Moku passed away in August 2009 after a long battle with colon cancer, and we miss him dearly. Since that day, the Staff have continued to support ISML and strive for its success in his memory.

Contact the Staff by emailing [email protected]. We welcome your comments, questions, and/or concerns.

Promotional Artwork

For buttons, banners, and signature slivers, visit the promotional artwork portal.
If possible, please make a copy of the images and use your own image hosting provider as the source.

Community Artwork

Visit the artwork portal to view posters and support banners for this year's Exhibition competitors.
Other types and categories of artwork may be available in the future.
Contests are hosted every Period on the Forum; anyone may participate.

Community Videos

We invite anyone in the community to create videos for ISML and submit them for consideration.

The Regular Season PV by KholdStare

The Final Match PV by KholdStare

A preview the Regular Season by Hachiko

A preview the Postseason by Hachiko

Donations to ISML

ISML began as a personal project funded by the current staff members, but our recent growth has begun to exceed our original budget. Participating in ISML will continue to be free of charge to you; however, we will graciously accept any gifts and offerings from our voting community if anyone wishes to contribute. All donations will pay for present and future server- and site-related expenses and upgrades.

If you can offer a contribution, please visit our donation page. Thank you so much!