Name: Shiina 「椎名」
Title Series:Angel Beats!
Voiced by:Saitō Fūko

Career ISML Performance
Currently in her first year of participation.

Moe Tournament Résumé

Based on outward appearance, Shiina can only be described as a dark and silent character. Her thoughts and motivations remain forever a mystery, betrayed neither by her words, nor by her expression. Shiina conceals everything about herself, both past and present, within shadows.

The way she can render herself invisible resembles ancient ninja arts. Indeed, with her superhuman physical prowess and characteristic choice of weaponry, there can be little doubt that Shiina had at one time stood among the ranks of the assassins who endure in darkness. But, even if that is true, the current Shiina has no mission, no one to give her orders, and no connection to the way of life that made her what she is.

Shiina relentlessly pursues her ideals despite this freedom. She betters herself, body and mind, to meet expectations that no longer bind her. What is it that she needs in order to stop, to let her tired soul rest after the never-ending struggle her life has been? No one, Shiina included, knows the answer to that question. And nobody knows if she will ever allow herself to embrace the things she truly loves.

Past Notable Matches