Name: Huang Lingyin 「凰鈴音」
Title Series:IS <Infinite Stratos>
Voiced by:Shimoda Asami

Career ISML Performance
Currently in her first year of participation.

Moe Tournament Résumé

Asked about her life strategy, Ling would probably answer, "The first to strike wins."

As tough as she can be in a direct confrontation, her true strength probably lies in her ability to get around the rules. Ling wastes no time when establishing her position in unfamiliar territory. Her uncanny ability to hear only what she wants to hear allows her to baffle people who actually expect her to listen to their complaints. On the offense, Ling utilizes a mix of confusing statements and half-truths. She does this with a healthy dose of childlike energy – every victory brings about a bright smile and every failure a dissatisfied pout on her face.

But Ling has her reasons for why she chooses to ignore parts of the reality around her. And her cheerful disposition does not make her invulnerable. She easily gets emotionally engaged and possessive, which makes it all the more difficult for her to give up and let go. She desperately wishes for the people she treats seriously to reciprocate her feelings. If they don't want to... well, she will just have to find a way to make them do so.

Past Notable Matches